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Hoar Frost

So yesterday while out on the ranch it was absolutely beautiful.

Hoar Frost appeared and everything was touched with a white crystal frosting. WP_20160121_12_30_59_Pro


And upon a closer look the frost was very thick


We are just a short 57 days to SPRING

which also means we are that much closer to this year’s foal crop

I for one am getting excited as Abu our handsome stud had his choice of some ladies

last spring – and we will see what kind of color he throws this year.

Spring can’t come soon enough!



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Wintertime is near…

Winter is a time of slowing down and peace at the ranch,

hunting season is winding down, son got his first one with a bow


just before rifle season opened.

And so far our family is 5 for 13 tags filled.

Winter is also the time when our thoughts turn to ice fishing/spearing

Mark and Cole have been busy carving decoys

As Mark is 4th generation Bethel decoy carver and

Cole is 5th generation it is our joy to see people using

and remembering our family decoys as part of their winter history.


One of Mark’s first ones…


and Cole’s first bullhead

We will be in Walker for the craft show on Nov 21, and

at the dark house carvers show Dec 5 in Park Rapids.

If you remember the Bethel name in Decoys be sure to drop us a

line and maybe a picture or two…


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containers – photo challenge

So the photo challenge this week has been interesting, to see how many different containers our world holds, and our world being a huge container, so how does one top the world?  How about a throw back to a basic container.

So my container is something related to what we do for our business.  Horses.


How do horses and containers relate besides the saddle that is a type of container for the rider, I was thinking something even more basic.  You see our horses love green grass but where we live we get some really heavy snows.


So what are we to do with no green grass available,

we turn to the easy container of twine.


Yes, that is correct this simple container for us means happy, healthy, horses all winter.  Why?


Because it creates containers for hay for winter storage.

We spend part of the summer putting up hay for our winter season,

this simple container comes in multiple sizes depending on which baler we are using.


We just finished putting up 1,000 + bales in squares, this container is strong and holds

50-70 pounds in a square bale

and 500-900 pounds or even up to 1,200 pounds in a round bale.

It is versatile and makes just what we need.

So for us it is a simple container yet it is a vital container for the lives of our horses, on our ranch.


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A Haying We Will Go….

So for the past couple of weekends this is what we have been doing.

Been super weather here!


Cole loves raking…

IMG_0529 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0533

Mark is putting up squares on this field

IMG_0534 IMG_0536

He has his seeds and his tunes driving a tractor what else would one need…

IMG_0537 IMG_0539

I got some much needed help from our friends (boarders)




Thanks so much Sam and Jordan we could not have done it without you!!!


And of course Tyson Too!!!!

IMG_0546 IMG_0549 IMG_0551


Reaching the top is Mark while my dad (the white hat) is on the ground level

We had a great friend come Joel with his three kids


Joel and our daughter Cassie unloaded bales (thanks so much for the help!!)

Jordan friend Colby also came to help, Thanks Colby!!!

Cole back raking day 2
IMG_0556 IMG_0557

As Cole was raking he tried to stay just ahead of Mark as we had a really strong wind, so they passed each other.


Then I set out to get a bale in the air while Mark was driving


Fail #1


Fail #33


Yippie Bale in the air, darn I missed the tractor!!


Finally SUCCESS!!!!  Only took 45 shots..


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Moments Frozen in Time

So while out and about the other day taking pictures for our new foal pages, I happened on a couple of pictures that just melted my heart.



This is our little filly Bunny going nose to nose with Sundance (gelding – he is boarding at our ranch)

The background of sky and earth just make this meeting so special!


Kelly (Rod’s mare) maybe the oldest horse at our ranch but she really likes to kick up her hooves now and then


she also loves the camera and wanted me to take her picture she put herself in front of me 7 or 8 times while I was trying to take pictures of our foals


Kelly Anna Bell is looking pretty good for 24


then the horses gathered


notice the head off to the left…

yep the MATRIARCH Kelly Anna Bell and her best friend Sundance were looking over the younger stock

IMG_0378 IMG_0379

It is so cool to watch the family dynamics of horses…I feel truly blessed to watch.


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So since I last left you we only had two foals on the ground since then six more made their appearance and we are happy to report that all are healthy and doing great.

Here they are and respected birthday.

Numbers 3 & 4 decided to share a birthday and it was an EASTER Surprise (April 20) to us to see them both this morning….


Yeller had this cute buckskin filly…


And Dancer our niece’s paint had this cutie


And no white other than socks…hmmm her mama is a paint yet no marking on this little filly.


She has a nice head and is very alert!

So lets just have another foal the next day – ask and you shall receive

April 21, 2014


Lucy had this little colt and his is very easy going like his mama!!!


So as of now we have 5 on the ground 4 fillies and 1 colt.







And they did just that

Foal number 6 came on May 3rd


Candy is a fantastic mama!!


There is always one foal I catch sticking their tongue out at me…


Mark loves to make sure that they get some human attention right away,

He says it makes it easier to train, I think he just

really likes playing with the little ones because they are so soft…LOL

Foals 7 and 8 made their appearance back to back May 5th and 6th

Filly from Babe was May 5th

she was maybe three hours old when these were taken.IMG_3702


after walking about for a bit on unsteady legs they lay down for a nap

being born is hard work !!!


And this first power nap is really lights out


Mark messed with her legs and she didn’t move her head or open her eyes for 20 minutes

Number 8 May 6,2014




Yep I am a STUD !!!

So that is what we have been busy with…

Oh yes and we did this too…


Flowers for Mother’s Day

IMG_3735 IMG_3740

Walked the foals


Hung out with my mom and my auntie


walked the foals again

IMG_3768sometimes they don’t want to go

IMG_3770then you just have to lovingly train them


IMG_3778Then we went to a band concert


And special people came by for the concert too!!!


mowed lawn


Watched the birth of kittens

Both of our mama cats had kittens on the same day at the same time!!!


Camo is getting bigger and loves dirt…

He is helping dig a trench so we could fix power line to barn



We had to replace our frost free hydrant in the barn

Mowed again


more rain




more rain


polka dotted my car for cancer

Put up a new pasture for Abu


Really MORE rain,

as of Memorial weekend we have recorded 30+ inches

so guess what we did


Cole had friends over

IMG_3902 IMG_3930


yep more rain

this is camo’s ball in the middle of our driveway next to the mini river


pansies like to be a little on the wet side but this is getting to be too much



Cole spoke at our local relay



Celebrated Father’s day with our kids and Mark got this new tool belt


took a photography class at Itasca State Park

taught by Steve Maanum





While the boys were getting the tractors ready for our first cutting of hay

oh and we played with the kittens

IMG_4125 IMG_4117 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_4106 IMG_4099

That pretty much is how our lives have gone since we last wrote. Hope you all had a busy, happy Spring as well!


Here is our foal line up for 2014



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Happy Birthday to…

cadillac 1st birthday

 April 6

buddy's birthday card

April 10

remington bday

April 11

As soon as these little yearlings dry off well and loose their winter hair I will post updated pictures

We are so happy we have been able to watch them grow


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