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Hoar Frost

So yesterday while out on the ranch it was absolutely beautiful.

Hoar Frost appeared and everything was touched with a white crystal frosting. WP_20160121_12_30_59_Pro


And upon a closer look the frost was very thick


We are just a short 57 days to SPRING

which also means we are that much closer to this year’s foal crop

I for one am getting excited as Abu our handsome stud had his choice of some ladies

last spring – and we will see what kind of color he throws this year.

Spring can’t come soon enough!



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Wintertime is near…

Winter is a time of slowing down and peace at the ranch,

hunting season is winding down, son got his first one with a bow


just before rifle season opened.

And so far our family is 5 for 13 tags filled.

Winter is also the time when our thoughts turn to ice fishing/spearing

Mark and Cole have been busy carving decoys

As Mark is 4th generation Bethel decoy carver and

Cole is 5th generation it is our joy to see people using

and remembering our family decoys as part of their winter history.


One of Mark’s first ones…


and Cole’s first bullhead

We will be in Walker for the craft show on Nov 21, and

at the dark house carvers show Dec 5 in Park Rapids.

If you remember the Bethel name in Decoys be sure to drop us a

line and maybe a picture or two…


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babies on the way

So today was nice out just above 20 and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine….ground is still white but its beginning to feel like spring and our mares are showing full baby tummies…

We have 8 mares that all look like they are going to have a little one this spring….

















Can’t wait for the first to arrive….

Here’s hoping they wait til Thursday as it is suppose to warm up here.  Winter coats still are very shaggy, but yesterday was the first time Dream started to shed…that means SPRING IS CLOSE….


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Winter will fade to Spring

So we finally broke our bitter cold and on to seeing our ranch again.  We have much to clean up and brush out as we create a new pen for Abu

IMG_3039 - Copy

and Skullerina.  ???????????????????????????????

So we are clearing trees


Cole running the bobcat


Chain saw awaiting more trees to cut


Skidding a tree out


Loading the wood for our outdoor furnace


Another tree down


Mark and Cole restarting the bon fire for tops

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_3017 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_3019

So as we cut we are hauling good wood to the furnace and the tops get put on the fire.

We had some wonderful help come for a couple of hours too.

Thanks Connie and Tonya

IMG_3028 IMG_3029 IMG_3030

We also had time to play with Camo


He likes this tug o war game

We are also clearing some larger brush piles and I got some cool pictures of the flames

IMG_3046??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Yes that is snow in front of the flames.




So we are really happy that this winter has faded into spring

Mares are showing foal – very heavy and some are waxing already.

ONLY 2 weeks or less to foal one!!!!


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strange sleeping

Our puppy has some unique sleeping positions and its been interesting to catch him sleeping sometimes where we are not expecting him to be.

IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2926 IMG_2934 IMG_2936 IMG_2938


Camo has been a wonderful addition to the ranch can’t wait for spring so we can be outside longer but then he loves the snowbanks too…


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WELCOME to our new addition…

So a week ago we added the most cute fuzzy little brown ball of fur to our forever family.  His name is Camo – appropriate for this future hunting dog.  He has made friends with our Haley (Beagle) well maybe not – its more of a tolerance thing for Haley.


He is beginning to understand fetch, and sit but his sleep/eat pattern are out of sorts yet.  No real issues for potty training – just little bladder yet, but he will get the hang of it soon enough.  He is loving his forever boy and his forever boy loves him too.


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-38 this morning when I awoke, and the wind chill took it to -62 so much for global warming.  Life sometimes in the brutal cold can be downright uncomfortable, unbearable, and unnerving.  As we wonder if the water will work, if the car/truck will start, if the heat will hold (electricity) if the stock tank will freeze, and oh so many more things to worry over than in spring, summer, and fall.


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