About the Ranch

Our ranch started with Mark’s father Rod and his Stallion War Leo Poco

He was a beautiful Copper colored Palomino

that our daughters could walk under he was so gentle.

Mark with Poco – he also was a foundation bred stallion (97%)

 (1987 – 2004)

He was a well loved stallion who sired many of our first foals.

Then we changed things up a bit and found

CK Smoke On

A Buckskin who went by the nickname Smoky

He was with our ranch for several years until his son

Alpha Rollin Thunder

or Big Al became our new stallion

Al – his first summer

Smoky and Al with Cole

Cole and Al

And now we are adding our newest stud



One response to “About the Ranch

  1. Joyce

    March 28, 2014 at 12:35 am

    A wonderful website! Very interesting! Enjoy the spring season to all! Hope that all goes well with
    the births of the ponies! God bless you! Numbers 6:22-27 to all.
    Your friends,
    Joyce and Tom


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