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containers – photo challenge

So the photo challenge this week has been interesting, to see how many different containers our world holds, and our world being a huge container, so how does one top the world?  How about a throw back to a basic container.

So my container is something related to what we do for our business.  Horses.


How do horses and containers relate besides the saddle that is a type of container for the rider, I was thinking something even more basic.  You see our horses love green grass but where we live we get some really heavy snows.


So what are we to do with no green grass available,

we turn to the easy container of twine.


Yes, that is correct this simple container for us means happy, healthy, horses all winter.  Why?


Because it creates containers for hay for winter storage.

We spend part of the summer putting up hay for our winter season,

this simple container comes in multiple sizes depending on which baler we are using.


We just finished putting up 1,000 + bales in squares, this container is strong and holds

50-70 pounds in a square bale

and 500-900 pounds or even up to 1,200 pounds in a round bale.

It is versatile and makes just what we need.

So for us it is a simple container yet it is a vital container for the lives of our horses, on our ranch.


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A Haying We Will Go….

So for the past couple of weekends this is what we have been doing.

Been super weather here!


Cole loves raking…

IMG_0529 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0533

Mark is putting up squares on this field

IMG_0534 IMG_0536

He has his seeds and his tunes driving a tractor what else would one need…

IMG_0537 IMG_0539

I got some much needed help from our friends (boarders)




Thanks so much Sam and Jordan we could not have done it without you!!!


And of course Tyson Too!!!!

IMG_0546 IMG_0549 IMG_0551


Reaching the top is Mark while my dad (the white hat) is on the ground level

We had a great friend come Joel with his three kids


Joel and our daughter Cassie unloaded bales (thanks so much for the help!!)

Jordan friend Colby also came to help, Thanks Colby!!!

Cole back raking day 2
IMG_0556 IMG_0557

As Cole was raking he tried to stay just ahead of Mark as we had a really strong wind, so they passed each other.


Then I set out to get a bale in the air while Mark was driving


Fail #1


Fail #33


Yippie Bale in the air, darn I missed the tractor!!


Finally SUCCESS!!!!  Only took 45 shots..


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Moments Frozen in Time

So while out and about the other day taking pictures for our new foal pages, I happened on a couple of pictures that just melted my heart.



This is our little filly Bunny going nose to nose with Sundance (gelding – he is boarding at our ranch)

The background of sky and earth just make this meeting so special!


Kelly (Rod’s mare) maybe the oldest horse at our ranch but she really likes to kick up her hooves now and then


she also loves the camera and wanted me to take her picture she put herself in front of me 7 or 8 times while I was trying to take pictures of our foals


Kelly Anna Bell is looking pretty good for 24


then the horses gathered


notice the head off to the left…

yep the MATRIARCH Kelly Anna Bell and her best friend Sundance were looking over the younger stock

IMG_0378 IMG_0379

It is so cool to watch the family dynamics of horses…I feel truly blessed to watch.


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