2 months to babies!!!

05 Feb

This week will mark 2 months to go until our first foal for the season.  We will be busy then, fixing fence, putting in Abu’s new pasture area.  As this year he will be old enough to start breeding mares we have him separated with Skullerina for now (Cole’s cow) but come spring they are going to get some new digs…or at least a larger area.  Room to run…and play. Kick up their hoofs.  Enjoy the sunshine on a beautiful spring day ahhhhh yes I can’t wait for spring to make its happy arrival.  The trees pop their bright green foliage, the flowers bloom especially lilacs!!!  The horses shed their long hair and sport new short coats.  And everywhere you look you see new life, from the first foal IMG_0950last years first foal

to the little cygnet


on the pond not far from our home.

We see the eagles soar over head looking for the meal to feed their young (4 nesting pair on the lake just a 1/2 mile from our home)

Minnesota winters might be cold, and down right unbearable at times IMG_0881but spring, summer and fall I would not want to be anywhere else because of the everyday beauty all around.


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