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Cute Babies!!!

Our old stallion Smoky is the proud papa to these three beauties!!!  Thanks so much to our new friends at the Crazy Cow Ranch for sharing these pictures!


Smoky with their mares



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these are the babies!!!


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WELCOME to our new addition…

So a week ago we added the most cute fuzzy little brown ball of fur to our forever family.  His name is Camo – appropriate for this future hunting dog.  He has made friends with our Haley (Beagle) well maybe not – its more of a tolerance thing for Haley.


He is beginning to understand fetch, and sit but his sleep/eat pattern are out of sorts yet.  No real issues for potty training – just little bladder yet, but he will get the hang of it soon enough.  He is loving his forever boy and his forever boy loves him too.


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Weekly Writing Challenge – Cliffhanger!

Cliffhanger part 2

The long trip (three days) had made me restless

So when we got to Stallone’s Acres

I got out and stretched my legs

Sylvester himself came out

and showed me around

offering a cool beverage

but nothing would ease the lump

in the back of my throat

I could not believe she never once shed a tear

We had been together for 5 years

Five wonderful, heartfelt years

I knew she felt something for me

but why did she not show it

its because of him….

and one day soon I would show him

as we rounded the corner of the barn

I heard a familiar voice

it couldn’t be

but it was

there standing before this new man (Sylvester)

was my Kerianna

how could she love him more than me

she giggled like she did when we were together

then he said “Will this do?”

She turned and said “It’s perfect!”

Then she walked up to me

wrapped her arms around my neck

and whispered “We’re home boy,”

She lead me through a new gate and showed me the most

wonderful pasture a stallion could ever hope for

She rubbed my neck and I ran off down the side of the

beautiful white fence and ran back to bump her softly with my nose

she flew into Sylvester’s waiting arms,

kissed him and said “thanks for giving me and my wonderful horse

Abu the most beautiful home a girl could ever hope for.”

Abu nickered and he knew that Kerianna and he would be together forever.

I hope you liked this spin on a romance from a horse point of view…


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Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger!


For the love of…by Julie C. Bethel

She stood on top of the ridge with the wind gently blowing on her curls of ebony.

Her deep sapphire blue eyes shimmered with tears

that threatened to spill over her long lashes at any minute.

How was she going to go on without me,

how could I make things right ever again in those eyes.

No I had to leave and never look back,

I had hurt her for the last time,

this time it was for good.

I was no good for her,

and she loved me too much,

she had to let go this time,

I would make her see this was for the best,

the best for both of us.

I didn’t want to go,

but I had to leave to protect her from me.

If I could have given her the moon I would have

just to see her smile again.

If I could have blessed her with the happiness she had so freely given to me

I would have.

I glanced back one last time as the truck left the drive,

there was the wave of her gentle hand.

The hand that used to rub the tension from my neck,

and caress me with warmth only a woman could give.

I nodded my head in acknowledgement through the open window,

as the truck slipped out of sight around the bend.

Her name would forever be etched on my heart

but once I was out of her site

would she miss me?


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-38 this morning when I awoke, and the wind chill took it to -62 so much for global warming.  Life sometimes in the brutal cold can be downright uncomfortable, unbearable, and unnerving.  As we wonder if the water will work, if the car/truck will start, if the heat will hold (electricity) if the stock tank will freeze, and oh so many more things to worry over than in spring, summer, and fall.


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