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Frigid Eyes

The temp today is suppose to reach -25 below which in our eyes is a blessing, as most of the weekend was -30 and more below ZERO.  Which is not much fun when you have animals IMG_2478that depend on you to come and feed/water them.

They expect to see you no matter what the temperature is outside and even if you don’t want to be in the cold they are counting on you to be there for them.

Such was the case this weekend, we come home Friday night to a frozen water pump in the barn.  Normally, you can thaw these out with the blowtorch, but not when it is -30 something outside. So we roll a bale to the little ones, and note the stock tank is 1/2 full which will take the horses to morning and then we will deal with it in the LIGHT of DAY and maybe warmer temps.  We awake the next morning to -32 and think well maybe by noon it will warm up, Mark goes to unplug the tank heater because you can short circut these if no water in tank and puts wood in our outdoor furnace and comes back in the house to wait.  By noon its only -14 below and out to the barn we go…as Mark digs the hoses out from under the snow to thaw in the house, I go to feed the kittens Marble the Magnificent




Garfield the Great

(they get fed more often when cold) but we didn’t have worry about them as they each had caught a mouse, as their eyes gleam inside the barn, I have a feeling that these two kittens are going to be wonderful additions to our ranch.

Back into the house again as we drag 200 feet of garden hoses to the house to thaw.  Drive to town and brainstorm on how to fix pump at local hardware store, ended up buying new pump only to realize on the drive home that if we dig this down 8 feet to put in, the fresh dug ground will freeze quicker than if we leave old pump in – so for now we are using garden hoses (200+ feet) and the new pump sits behind my couch waiting for spring.

Such is the life a rancher in Northern Minnesota.

But soon our eyes will focus on (ok not too soon – 3 to 4 months) new birth – eight new foals on the way, new leaves on the trees, another round of hay to put up. Evening rides to enjoy in unfrozen water!  Oh yes, and my favorite a color array of blooms that have yet to be seen by my eyes.

So for now our eyes view a world of white IMG_0879 and frozen water ice fishingand up here that is our view for about 5 to 6 months but we are patient as we can see our future and its potential is beautiful.

**this post took place just before Christmas – as I just finished up this post it is -25 outside gotta love MN winters 🙂


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