Monthly Archives: March 2013

Ready, Set, Thaw

Today its suppose to reach 40 degrees up here in the Northland, and we are looking forward to loosing our snow, we are ready to get out of the house and back into the outdoors.  Spring is a renewing time, a time to look forward to what we have been waiting for and a time to reconnect with all the new life that shows up like a well oiled machine the spring has a way and time of doing its own thing.  From first pussywillows to crocus, to green grass and new arrivals be it horse, sheep or chicken.  It seems like the time is always just right for everything, I as a human would just like it to be a little quicker.  But then again if we would have a foal right now they would have to learn to walk through the deep snow in a quick hurry and then with muscles so new they might injure themselves like I just did.  Yep 2 weeks ago this past Monday I smacked my back and hip into a door knob, you wouldn’t think anything of it.  It just brusied really bad and by Thursday I could hardly walk or stand or even sit.  Everything was painful, and I found out I hit in such a way that I twisted my hips and tilted my pelvis which in turn pinched my sciatic nerve, well its been a slow going process to heal, but as healing goes I am doing well.  Walking and sitting ok, bending still sore but laying flat really hurts yet.  So as I heal we are thankful that no foals came in this deep snow or who know how bad they could have hurt their young muscles.  So its better that we now wait for the snow to disappear and for spring to show up on its time schedule rather than ours so our foals will be healthy.


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